List the size of folders recursively in Linux

I needed a summary of how much space the single subfolders where taking on disk. You can use the du command, with the right flags

du -skh *

Here is an example output

giustino:~/tmp/VVV  (develop *)
⇒ du -skh *
220K    config
32K database
8,0K    log
36K provision
16K Vagrantfile
4,0K    wp-cli.yml
411M    www

Icon and Splash screen in Phonegap

I’ve been working with Phonegap lately.. This is a note to my future self about icons and splash screen

  1. The config.xml should be in the www folder
  2. You should add a icon.png and splash.png in the same folder as the config.xml


<icon src="res/icon/android/mdpi.png" gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="mdpi" />
<icon src="res/icon/android/hdpi.png" gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="hdpi" />
<icon src="res/icon/android/xhdpi.png" gap:platform="android" gap:qualifier="xhdpi" />
<icon src="icon.png" gap:role="default" />
<!-- Define app splash screen for each platform. -->
<gap:splash src="splash.png" />

Select the id that begins and ends with certain values

CSS selectors have gone a long way from their beginnings. Today you have multiple choices to select elements in the page.
Today I needed to select all the elements with the id matching this regex:


But CSS doesn’t let regex. To do this, you can combine these two attribute selectors:

[id^=value] // Element with the id beginning with "value"
[id$=value] // Element with the id ending with "value"

So we have:

div[id^=fixed_string_][id$=_digit] {
  color: red;


A JavaScript framework on every table

For example, the most recent TodoMVC pull request, as of this writing, wants to add Riot.js 2.0. What is Riot.js 2.0, you ask? Apparently, it’s the second version of something called Riot.js, an app framework that’s like React.js, but better in some ways that are definitely important. “But wait,” you may ask, “didn’t React like just come out and isn’t even 1.0 yet? How can a thing based on it be 2.0 already?!” The answer, my friend, is JavaScript.